Wiring Tips

I have collected a number of model railroad wiring tips and techniques from various sources and am sharing them here. Do you have wiring tips or techniques you would like to share with Model Train Tips readers? You can send them in using the form on the Contact page.

Model Railroad Wiring; A Basic Understanding Will Take You A Long Way

By Dan B Morgan Being able to set up model railroad wiring is an extremely important part of being a model train and railroad enthusiast. It is also an exciting element of the hobby as you are able to control the stops and runs of the railroad set. Trains are meant to stop at each station and gradually decelerate on tight corners and junctions. In order to make this all possible, you should have at least a basic knowledge of model railroad wiring. Model railroad wiring is the aspect of railroading which involves making electricity flow so that the engine is able to pull its cars and … [Read more...]

Model Railroad Wiring Basics

By Johan Bentley Model railroad wiring is what makes the electricity flow in your train display so that the engine can pull its cars and so that houses, buildings and streetlights can glow with warm, realistic lighting. Modern wiring is even so sophisticated that it can run a miniature camera atop the engine as it chugs through your display. The possibilities are endless: Just think of all the electronics in real life and integrate them into your display. Wiring Basics Model railroad wiring can be a complicated endeavor; therefore, if you are new to wiring, it's best to consider … [Read more...]

DC Control Wiring Basics For Your Model Railroad

By Dan B Morgan Model railroad wiring for DC control systems can be confusing for the model train beginner. This is because, unlike DCC, you have to create electrical sections of track to run 1 locomotive at a time. The majority of model train layout problems come from a lack of sufficient electrical power on certain parts of the track. This is usually caused by a power pack that is too small for the model railroad track you have built. Most starter train sets are manufactured to achieve an entry level price. The power packs in these starter train sets have just enough power to drive … [Read more...]