Structure Tips

I have collected a number of model railroad structure tips and techniques from various sources and am sharing them here. Do you have structure tips or techniques you would like to share with Model Train Tips readers? You can send them in using the form on the Contact page.

Building Railways and Scenery For Your Model Trains

By James Stonebright The hobby of collecting model trains or locomotives includes building railroads and the scenery. Many people find it stressful and a lot of work but it actually is a lot of fun. Building the railroad and the scenery for your train set is a perfect chance to let out your creative juices. Also, a permanent railroad is a one of a kind house decor you can show off to your friends. Building the bench work for the railroad will consume a lot of space. Plan carefully where the location of the railroad will be because you are building a permanent foundation for your model … [Read more...]

The HO Scale Model Train – Benchwork and Track Planning Tips For Great Layouts

By Mike E. Foster The popularity of the HO scale model train is in large part due to its ideal blend of size and detail. Besides the detail provided by the model trains themselves, modelers pride themselves in their quality track planning and benchwork. The preparation and design of the track layout itself is referred to as track planning. The underlying structure beneath the track is called the benchwork. Attention to both concepts contributes to a successful HO scale model train layout. So why do model railroad modelers emphasize their track planning and benchwork? Many model … [Read more...]