Dance Hall Added to The C & G RR Layout

Chuck Shutz has added a dance hall with an outdoor eating area to his layout. Now his layout has a busy nightlife, complete with a band and lively dancers on the dance floor. This HO scale layout by Chuck Shutz of West Palm Beach, Florida, is a very small and simple oval layout with intense and intricate scenery. The layout is only 44″ by 66″, but it has as much detail as some larger layouts. Chuck’s small layout models a riverside resort set in the 1950′s complete with a picnic area, a playground with kids frolicking, a foot bridge, a backyard BBQ, and kids fishing from a … [Read more...]

Which Railroad Do You Model on Your Layout?

It might be interesting to hear from some of your subscribers what railroads they favor for their layouts. This question was posted in response to the article about choosing a railroad to model. What a great question, I thought. It got me to thinking; why don’t I ask you which railroad you model on your layout. I’ll start this off by talking about two railroads I would like to model: Burlington Northern and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe. I don’t mean the single combined Burlington Northern and Sante Fe Railroad as it is today, but the separate railroads as they were in the 1970’s when … [Read more...]

New Facebook Page for Model Train Tips

If you’re on Facebook, check out the new Page for Model Train Tips and be sure to “Like” it to see updates in your newsfeed. I’ve been thinking about switching over from a Group to a Page on Facebook for several months but wasn’t that motivated to make the change. Facebook is making changes to Groups, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I figured it was time to pull the trigger on making the switch. While there is the possibility of more interaction between members of a Group, a Page gives me more flexibility for posting updates. With a Facebook Page you won’t be constantly … [Read more...]

Popular Model Train Tips Articles from the Past 30 Days

I thought this might be a good time to highlight some of the most popular articles from the past 30 days. I’m not referring to articles published in the last 30 days, although some are, but rather articles that have been viewed the most over the past 30 days. The HO Scale Model Train - Benchwork and Track Planning Tips For Great Layouts This article by Mike Foster emphasizes the importance of proper planning of both the bench work and the track layout. Well designed bench work becomes the foundation of your new layout. Mountains and Ground in Your Model Train Scenery This … [Read more...]

Model Train Tips Reader Feedback

Here is some more of the reader feedback I promised. Alex K. details how far he’s come as well as his frustrations: I'm a beginner.  My father had some HO trains from the 60's.  I inherited them and got them running.  I've since bought new equipment and set up a 4x8 layout and converted to DCC.  Yeah, it was all kind of expensive, but I'm fairly happy with what I've achieved so far. My biggest frustrations stem from the lack of standardization. I appreciate that most DCC decoders work on a set standard and will work with all DCC equipment, but I'm often stymied when it comes to … [Read more...]