Updates to The C & G RR HO Scale Layout

Since the original article and pictures last October of Chuck Shutz’s 44″ x 66″ HO scale layout, the C & G RR, Chuck has made a number of enhancements.

When he first sent pictures of his layout last September, I was quite impressed with how much detail he was able to get into such a small space. In November, Chuck sent pictures after adding more detail, followed with pictures with even more detail in January.

Mt. Bernstein

Then in April, Chuck sent pictures of the detail work he did to the mountain on his layout; which he named Mt. Bernstein after his wife’s maiden name. He modeled someone sitting at the summit, several people rappelling down a cliff and a duck pond at the base of the mountain.

Chuck keeps surprising me with how much he seems to be able to fit into this small layout. The next set of pictures he sent was of a scratch-built engine house, complete with graffiti on the side of the building.

This week, Chuck sent pictures of a water tower he modeled after one he photographed in Delray Beach, Florida. I don’t know how he keeps fitting more stuff on his layout.

Here are links to the pages with all of the pictures:

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