Using Noch Ground Cover in Your Model Train Layout Scenery

Recently I received an email from Joao in Portugal asking how to properly use the Noch grass material in the scenery for his new layout. Since I don’t have any experience using this material yet, I decided to do some research to try and answer Joao’s question.

Noch is a German company that specializes in manufacturing modeling supplies for model railroad scenery for all scales. Noch makes a variety of ground cover material to simulate everything from short ground cover to tall grass. Proper use of the material depends on which type you are adding to your scenery.

For simple ground cover, a light sprinkling after applying an adhesive is all that is needed. However, simulating tall standing grass is a little more complex. The Noch website has some helpful tips for using their products.

Of course, there are some tools available to the hobbyist, for a price, to make the job easier. The GRASSmaster is designed especially for this purpose. Here is a video describing the GRASSmaster and how to use it:

Unless you have a very large layout (and budget) you’ll want to find an alternative; the GRASSmaster retails for around $190. Here is one alternative; check out this demo of a home-made static grass applicator:

What about you? Do you have experience with any of the Noch ground cover products or something similar? Please share your experiences or ideas in the comments section below.

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