Extreme Weathering for Your Model Railroad Cars

Pepper Kay shared this tip about extreme weathering for your model railroad rolling stock:

Weathered Boxcar

Weathered Boxcar

Weather as you normally would your next box car, tank, hopper, etc. then, spray two coats of Dullcote on your finished car.

When that has dried thoroughly, use your pump sprayer filled with 93% rubbing alcohol and give a good, wet coat to your finished car.

The alcohol reacts with the Dullcote and makes the most faded, weathered finish you’ve ever seen.

Careful, don’t do but just a few cars as the effect goes a long way. Pepper Kay

Note: I have not tried this tip yet but I would like to emphasize that you use care when mixing alcohol with other chemicals. Check the labels of the other chemicals to ensure they don’t react negatively to alcohol.

If you try this method of weathering, please share your results or additional thoughts in the comment area below.

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