New Facebook Page for Model Train Tips

Model Train Tips on FacebookIf you’re on Facebook, check out the new Page for Model Train Tips and be sure to “Like” it to see updates in your newsfeed.

I’ve been thinking about switching over from a Group to a Page on Facebook for several months but wasn’t that motivated to make the change.

Facebook is making changes to Groups, and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I figured it was time to pull the trigger on making the switch.

While there is the possibility of more interaction between members of a Group, a Page gives me more flexibility for posting updates.

With a Facebook Page you won’t be constantly inundated with messages every time I or someone else posts an update on the Group page; something I don’t like about the new Facebook Groups.

Another nice thing about Facebook Pages over Groups is that you don’t have to have an account on Facebook to see the new Model Train Tips Page. You do have to be logged in to Facebook to post comments or messages, though.

If you previously joined the Model Train Tips Group on Facebook, please migrate over and “Like” the new Page as I will be removing the old Group page in June.

Rick Brock


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I am a complete model railroading novice, and I’ve started this website to share what I learn with others who are also new to the hobby and want to learn about it. I invite you to sign up for my newsletter and get the free report: 7 Model Train Mistakes To Avoid.

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